About this blog

About this blog


I’m an extremely resourceful, super-competent, crafty little force of nature living in Pittsburgh, PA. During the day I write software and amplify the capabilities of grad students in a research lab at CMU. The rest of the time, I make stuff. I have that particular flavor of lazy that makes you look up tutorials on the internet so you can make a net bag out of string, a tongue depressor, and a wire hanger, rather than leave the house to go to a shop and buy one. Some of my coworkers think I was born in the wrong century; I just think I get curious about how things are made and I’m willing to mess up a lot while I learn how to make them well. Or at least, while I learn how well I’m willing to make them.

My current fascinations are with fiber arts from fleece to yarn, cold process soap, and handmade bath & body products. As it turns out, I can make those things far faster than I can use them up and I’m not tired of tinkering yet, so all my surplus products are going up on an etsy shop. This blog is about those products — the making of, the experiments, the learning process, and like that.