Experimental: Pomade

Experimental: Pomade

A few weeks ago I got my hair cut quite short, and I love it to bits. I have a little pot of light styling creme, and one of a quite stiff texture wax from my old stylist, but both products have an awful lot of ingredients and I figured the internet might help me out.

Historic and vintage pomades are mostly beeswax and either lanolin or coconut oil, though the oils and waxes vary a bit, and the proportions vary even more.

I’ve been fussing with a recipe, but am currently jamming on 2:2:1 beeswax:lanolin:jojoba oil. It’s still a bit difficult to work with; you have to scrape the surface with the back of your fingernail repeatedly to get any product worth mentioning. But! once you have a (still tiny) measurable amount you rub it between your hands and it heats up beautifully and works into the roots to a quite satisfying effect. The residue on your hands acts like a barrier-type moisturizer, which suits me just fine.

This one is scented with white thyme, lavender, and sandalwood, and it’s a gorgeous combination. I’m thinking of potting it up in tins for sale, but I’m worried people will try to use it like traditional product and use too much. Still thinking.


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